Abby - Basic Skills - Preschool App Reviews

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great but...

Great app for my 3&4 year olds, but sometimes midway through the game, it will freeze up and not do anything, in which you need to just start over. Hoepfully this can just be updated & fixed.

A little buggy

The game is pretty good for the most part, except every once in a while it will just not do anything spontaneously. I'm sure it's just a tiny fix. Other than that, great app for learning!

Engaging lessons and games

My students are really enjoying all the ABBY games. They love the matching games in this basic skills game. They all love the little monkey. Recently we have run into an issue part way through the game. When Abby is giving clues to what she wants them to pick (the matching picture, the orange car, etc) after 2 or 3 the game throws up some tiny pixels and we have to go back to the main menu. Otherwise, we really love it.

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